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They were stopping so hard on my body that my pancreas and my liver were like obliterated the Sanford north hills. Monroe high school was like a gang now. It was just just a group ago that hated on me. I'm half black and I have long hair and bite skin and made in like that. What was your first reaction when you're in the hospital? You know, it had gone the bullying had gone on for so long that the day that it happened, I kind of just surrendered because I was so fucking over it. A really was. I was so over hating going to school hating waking up. Just I literally hated school all of my high school all of those years. And when it finally happened, I was just like squad. It's over. Like is sad is up to say, but I was just happy Zubi vengeful sought to your heart now I didn't really even have a vengeful thing. I was just sad and mad at the world that people like that existed rose. No, I I have an older brother. He didn't, because right before that happened, my parents got divorced. So he was in Redondo beach, and I lived in the valley with my mom. Now after this app charges oppressed, Elliott. USD. Okay. And the girl were not allowed to stand by you now? They never went back to that school. I left the school district and I went to Redondo and I never saw them again other than the trial in the deposition. And it was just a bad experience all the way round. Would say that point now still you were actress, nothing's going on. You still not taking taking a fucking now. Okay. With the black. Billy blamed. Okay. So Sarah of, okay. So you took this tai-bo at this point just for exercise? Not really thinking. The last thing on my mind was that, oh, shit. I need to know how to defend myself. I don't even know why that never happened. I think I was just I was so sad. I was so depressed. Like literally I was suicidal like I just I hated life. I hated my life and I didn't understand how I was dealt that card. Like for real this, this is my life like my mom got hit by a car. My parents get a divorce, and now I'm getting beat up for something. I can't help like, dang this, this world sex. I don't want any part of it grows up with a wide, but tremendous tremendous on black crag on that crime. While the ship by people gone through over the years and you see black, I'm black crime. It's just the biggest mind. Your real. Yeah. I watch all these documentaries on the crypts. Like I got locked up with a big time grip and I love them can't. He was my brother and I loved them. And we go at like six. He calls me, I'm out of the halfway out. I'm about that kid and he would give me piles of money. He just loved me. We became partners in that he was into none of others. I love that renders listened to me Jit legit. He had seven women, and he was support and five of the mad were babies, mom. This is nineteen eighty seven..

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