Syria, Iran, Barack Obama discussed on C-SPAN


Son of syrian immigrants who were patriotic americans because we embrace the american freedom the ability to practice our faith more freely than we couldn't any socalled muslim country but also they were american patriots because they rejected soviet imperialism in syria in the early 20th century mid twentiethcentury rejected baptism rejected islamism to come embrace american liberty and what's happening is we are not taking sides in syria or not taking sides in iran the greatest protection for american threats coming from iran's nuclear programme would be a revolution and yet where is american policy in taking sides in people in the streets we had president trump tweeting out for a few days after the revolution started just a month or so ago tweeting out support for the people in the street something president obama never did we need to follow through with that and convene a whole of government strategy where the real the greatest threat of the twentyfirst century is political islam theocratic 'islam we need to convene a commission on radical islamism that will begin to have a whole of government strategy through the state department through the pentagon through homeland security were all of a sudden we look at immigration through the lens of not letting islamists come here but letting those who embrace our values looking at our approach to russia being if they're going to support she islamists and his law and genocide in syria that certainly not our ally yet again we're not going to support sunni islamists like the saudi royal family might be our shortterm friends but longterm they're the founding fathers of isis is ideology so we have to be careful and we'd don't come together as a nation and especially as the conservative movement and realize what ideas we stand for not only what were against terrorism and communism and islamism but what are we four we have to advance what were four and we find.

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