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The latest sound on podcasts, professor Charles kuchen from the council on foreign relations on whether China will help bail out Russia in Ukraine. The fact that the Chinese went to Moscow during this week suggests that they're not uncomfortable being on the side of the aggressor in this war. And over time, they have not shown a lot of discomfort. I think beneath the surface, the Chinese are not loving this war because it creates geopolitical and geo economic stability and China has risen on the backs of both. They don't like it when we see decoupling when there's a great deal of uncertainty in the markets. That having been said, they're not unhappy to see the U.S. we distracted in Europe. They're not unhappy to see the Russians leave the charge against an American led liberal international system. Do I think we're about to see the Chinese transfer lethal weapons? No. What I think is going on here is that the Biden people picked up some chatter and as they've done since well before the war began, they are getting out ahead. They're disclosing intelligence to try to stay ahead of the curve. We're trying to give money that Russia could use to buy weapons. Well, they, in some ways, they are giving money. Oil and gas. And they're also trading more. Whether they actually start violating various kinds of sanctions, we don't know. I'm guessing the Chinese right now are feeling

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