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Have been drafted into help in raf chinook helicopters have been deployed to carry special water pumps to remote areas fire crews and troops have spent the night trying to contain the blaze clive hopkinson from the fire brigades union says it's diff for his members the winless writings while we are up against it form shaw with the attitude of the they will salts out and a moroccan court and sentenced a leader of an antigovernment protest to twenty years in prison at the end of a trial denounced by human rights groups bloomberg soul how kareem reports convicted fifty four defendants including protest leader the nas ariza's zafy given penalties ranging from one to twenty years in prison dumfries leading human rights organization and the age said the prison towns were excessively harsh rabat so haircut on bloomberg daybreak europe global news twenty four hours a day on tick talk on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm leon ongoing this is bloomberg markus that's very muchly are now with the morning sports has georgia alterman england's will make several changes in their final world cup group game against belgium laser with both having already qualified for the knockout stage jerry will no longer be an obstacle after being knocks out yesterday switzerland's till draw with costa rica was enough for them to qualify as runners up it's understood wayne rainey smart chances pace it moves to major league soccer side dc united will be confirmed the softening before mainland count sins expected to sign a two year contract somebody from everton to the usa has made it six wins for as many matches over australia last night they followed up their five hundred whitewash of the tourists in there one day series with a twenty eight run victory and at twenty twenty at them and time champion andy murray still to decide if he'll play at wimbledon offers.

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