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Crash on ninety five another accident involving a septa bus. Then the suspect fled on foot more from KYWZ Steve tower during that high speed police pursuit of a Delaware, man. From wilmington. Police say the man rammed another motorist which caused police vehicles to collide, and I ninety five between Philadelphia international airport and the Girard point bridge. The suspect that made his way to south Philadelphia where he slammed into the side of a septa bus here at broad street and Oregon avenue twenty year old doin Robinson than bailed out and ran from the scene at one of the busiest intersections in the city with the broad street line entrance just twenty feet away. Philadelphia. Police tweeted a photo of Robinson as they tried to pick up his trail with what they call a grid. Search block by block and small teams for nearby schools were locked down as a precaution. South philadelphia. High school and three elementary schools. Jank's Brady and fell were dismissed one school at a time with Philadelphia police department assistance Robinson described by police as armed and dangerous is a person of interest in two homicides in Wilmington. But the initial stop centered on probation parole violation in a firearms case in south Philadelphia Steve tower KYW. Newsradio. At seven oh, two traffic and weather on the tune. Thanks lock him. Start things off on seventy six is still have problems eastbound keeping things. Nice and slow actually is pretty much jammed from boulevard to the spring garden street for two reasons it's broken down bus in the left lane near Montgomery drive, then approaching spring garden street, you're Jan for construction crew in the right lane. And there's a little bit of agape or to land the westbound side from the vine should expressway out to just pass Gerard avenue. That's keeping things slow on the westbound vine from the Parkway to the Schuylkill merge. Good news, if you're traveling ninety five or thinking to do so looks good the length in both directions. Four seventy six the blue route Pennsylvania turnpike, four twenty two all trouble-free Springfield township Montgomery County, Shelton him avenue still blocked just west of willow grove avenue. This is due to a down tree all the Delaware river bridges in good shape. Quiet in New Jersey. No problems report on the forty two freeway to ninety five the turnpike were fifty five. Mass transit also looks good. I'm just in traffic and the KYW twenty four hour traffic center..

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