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The wife of his she's like its twenty five year old british sleigh yeah does she yeah of these to me i hit is very weird yeah she shia here there or where did he go to begin her and andrea yeah and it was just like it felt like a lot of like people making shocking decisions because it's a modern mcdonough movie in not yeah made sense to their calves italy the firebombing the police station and the suicide like none of that should laying on the regular earned gear it felt like in like a sketch when someone's i just like we'll there four kerr nns ira this is what's happening there is trying to say so much about race relations but a doesn't have any like characters of color without any salary excel lines saddiqui friends and it has less lord halt yeah who's a not lester holt two thousand defensive lester from the wire that's the ayers' name on the wire earned news anchor news in a gear he's he shows up and you're like and then they like don't let a drop him let it happen i'm like you this is a great actor you're trying to say something about race because you're making sam rockwell who this to me is the true hip dad movie of the year dan might but now you're wrong let guy reads tom clancy what like i love serum rockwell's an actor and i think he's doing great work is in this movie butch otter his carrier makes no sense is it makes no it's not a it's a fucking weird play like a monster he's like a monster but like you're you're supposed to be sympathetic forum but then you're ultimately not like right because he i don't care if he escaped the fire.

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