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Bouch match opening like gosh, I'd hate to follow this thing a couple of years ago, and Kevin Owens were at rest of Asia wrestlemainia. No, Kevin Owens in the opening match was AJ versus Shane McMahon. So forget it. You can't follow that. But I'm going to say never open weight Obuchi just beat Taichi for it takes. You will go go go to okay. Wow. I'm going to say. Let your special. Yeah. Yeah. He's I won't me over you know, 'cause. Right. When Vader talked about Osprey ricochet match. I was with Vader's op- opinion. Right. That way to choreograph to be believable. But over and over as how Oscar is, of course, talented, but creative. Yeah. Keep coming back with something near you know, he gained more confident. Yes. Over the years. This guy's special big guy. And I think now we don't know the future of right Busta, Kenny, Cody they need to build. Australian. I think like I said he could be the next big foreign Stover so style twenty twenty for sure. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So second matches the I w GP junior tag team titles. The three way Canada. Maroon desperado showing yo which is three K Takagi in Bucci who are from Los ignore ablaze. I'll go shit bushy in the thing is here. Here's the thing. And I it seems like almost every match on this show is for a title. I think we'll be much British every wait die team US, titled junior title O'Connor. Jay, white is the only match on this car. That's title shift. Right. Are we getting into a position with us too many titles in new Japan nuke style way? Yeah. Because he almost don't need never. British title and right junior tag team. I guess you could do that. But I mean, like what's the difference between the young bucks, and you know, bushy into Kagi those young boxer in the heavyweight tag team, but they can work junior heavier style too. But that's, but that's the way that the business is now the Fumi when you look at okay. Like, let's go to WBZ where you're talking about two five live, right, right?.

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