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Right. So Sutton has a pretty good up. And you're right. He's the guy my big concern. And I'm playing against a guy who has who has Sutton in his starting line-up. My big question is is he going to be such a big and important role that the defensive he's playing against knows. And they're like, hey, we to shut this guy down Alan Robinson's planning against the Rams in the nineteen th ranked against wide receivers Sutton's planning at San Francisco twenty second rank against against receivers. So if you're gonna play Sutton, anyway, go ahead and play him. If you were gonna play Alan Robinson, go ahead and play him. But if you're saying that you need to pick because you didn't have your mind already made up. I always go for the better matchup. I like the magic against San Francisco is safe. Play Cortlandt Sutton. But I think you're gonna see a lot of fun and that Chicago match up from eight one seven a little tight end question for you Corey Austin Hooper or Jordan read this weekend. Okay. Jordan reads going up against the giants. And I always like look at stats and say, that's a really that's a really bad matchup because the giants aren't typically are usually pretty good against tight ends. I didn't realize their sixteenth against tight ends awesome. Hooper's going up against Green Bay third against tight end. So I say that Julio Jones is gonna get a lot of play Calvin ridley's going to get a lot of play. I think that it's going to be better for you to go with Jordan Reed. Who Mark Sanchez is either going to check it down to Chris Thomson handed off to Adrian Peterson or throw to a guy. That's close. Jordan reads, running close routes get plenty of if it's for sure you're going to do. Okay. Let's to the running backs from the two one four I've got to start two of these four Nick Chubb Spencer ware. Lamar Miller or Sony. Michelle who should I go win? Ever like starting Miller. I just don't for some reason. But he's playing against Indianapolis. I like that matchup Nick has a tough match-up. I mean, a really tough match up. I'm playing him anywhere. Nick Chubb's one of those guys. So if you're going to ask me, Nick, I guy boom, he's going. So now it's between for me, Michelle and Miller because who is the other guy answer aware, I'm not I'm not playing Spencer wear this week. I know a lot of people are freaking out about that. I'm just not playing him this week. I say go ahead and pick up Steven Ridley if you want to and throw him in the mix, but. I am going to go with Nick Jovan Sony. Michelle, even though now Lamar Miller matchup should be tasty. One. Aw. I don't like it. Hold on. Go with Miller. No, no, go with Sony, Michelle go with Sony, Michelle and Nick Chubb, you're gonna be happy. Right. So we've hit running back. We've hit tight end we hit wide receiver. Why don't we go quarterback here? Corey from a six eight to Dak Carson Wentz or Lamar Jackson. As a curve ball. At the end there. I'm I'm fascinated by Lamar Jackson. What's the what's the biggest number that? He's put up so far. What did he how did he be last.

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