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Don't really know what it is who is but it just think of so why and if it wasn't it einstein that that if we forget about history um where you're going to repeal or doomed to repeat it so i mean come on a quasistate really that's ron um i could have been joke that i've been hearing round on the internet and i actually worked at computer networking for a living and the big joke of the area is at all of our money uh it's going to be changed over and we're gonna have to get we have changed all an uptick in everybody's money and because we have to get rid of joe can off of our dole's we have to get rid of weight and i mean like you said um about columbus right 1500 are we judging him from the 1500s uh the 1410 excuse me um the fifty of country we are we judging him now by the 21st century standards that's that's got through so let here yeah i'd love to hear from some other parents out there it just seems to me that anything that is a tradition there are people out there who want to undercut it now i'll tell you this if the argument it is and maybe this is the argument that this some one child in that school whose parents happened to have some religious reservation with halloween and not going to identify group at let's assume that said and we have to cancel it because that one child might be barrister what do you say then to some let's say the very conservative evangelical christian parent who might say i don't want my kid being taught sex education into third grade you know the school's gonna say that pared we'll have your kids sit outside we're going to do the granted to the sex education class you can't have it both ways school administrators rob pre sheets you call it the guy lost nasa did okay rod feel free i think he made you played very well agree or disagree michael is.

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