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Sunday night to take the crown. Arizona had a chance for a game winning shot at the buzzer. But one of the tournament's stars area mcdonald couldn't quite get the shot to fall with stanford triple-teaming the car dole won the game fifty four to fifty three it stanford's first women's basketball championship in twenty nine years and it's third all time. The wind caps off a bizarre season with stanford playing the entire year on the road because of local covid nineteen restrictions next. It'll be the men's tournaments chance to crown a champion on monday night. To number one seeds will go head to head gonzaga and baylor baylor smoked. Seventy eight fifty nine and their final four game on saturday gonzaga semi-final with ucla a little different. They edged the bruins. Ninety three to ninety in overtime with a buzzer beating. Shot from when suggs. That's something that you practice you know. Armenia who has a kid or an jim just messing around in to to be able to do that It's crazy that game has already been billed by some as the greatest college basketball game of all time. But monday's matchup could be a classic as well. Usa today sports. Mackenzie salman looks ahead. They're chasing history and their respective programs first ever title. The zags are on the cusp of becoming the eighth team. Ever to win the title and undefeated but become the first since nineteen seventy-six. This isn't just a match made in march. It's two years in the making as both programs were prime for deep runs in the tourney last year until kovic shut everything down. Both of these teams were set to me earlier in the season until cova down yet again is poetic justice for the sport to have the two teams finally meet in the title game. This game is truly a coin. Flip and one of the best games. We will ever see in college basketball..

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