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I'm joined by Rosie odd. See Rosie is fulltime side. HUSTLERS Hinchey describes the self accidental storyteller a growth mud pretend virata and I think she's selling herself short. They're a real human but importantly to us. Rosie is a content marketing gun with a really clear vision what it takes to stand on on online and had are actually force yourself itself. Get that content ridden so rosie. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me so we've known each other for a little bit and we recently presented together at an event and I was really came to get you on to the podcast to talk about one particular thing that I found particularly expiring as you were talking about content marketing to a room full of people and that was around this idea that the biggest barriers have producing content is probably yourself. You know who we know that we want to do it with readily articles that content is king and is a key mocking potter arsenal especially when talking to start up found. Is You know these people who are doing it full themselves so they know it's important but we always put it off. A whiskey had to do it so I wanted to talk to you and and revisit these ideas you have around how you actually actually get yourself to stop producing content via business. Yeah I love it now. Honestly it's one of those things where especially for startups when you'll bootstrapping in theory it's the easiest thing you could do on your iron but in practice optus sitting down and actually talking about yourself and Your Business and why you did it and all of that those sorts of things you'll have a million ideas in conversation but when you sit down to actually write it you know a lot of people will just stare at the blank page for long enough to realize that there's probably other priorities parties in the business which may or may not egeria about oftentimes. It's a really big missed opportunity especially in early stage businesses and so I've experienced that right. I've gone on to do some content so I kind of open up grandma or a word docker Walker nine powder anything. Can I try to get started and that seems to me the worst way to actually start because you're gonNA looking grand going. Come on inspiration hit me now. How do I get around that? Where where do I find my inspiration? Not when I'm trying to yeah so I think it's really important that we will realize that writing and ideas kind of skill then not just the not a gift from above the not bequest upon some people and not others are in our festival just because you staring at a blank screen and nothing's coming doesn't mean you're not creative not interesting Israeli just like you haven't built up the practice yet so the way I started in the way I recommend most people start is start writing in a low stakes environment meant just right for yourself right so for maybe a year I did daily journal entries with myself of course. I wasn't growing a business at this time so it wasn't wasn't that urgent. It was it was just for me. I wanted to get back into writing and I would just write and every morning I would do that and then the top was on so if I wanted to point that hers I'm going with this metaphor man. If I wanted to point that hers it something else then I could and so when I actually started out doing this other people it wasn't so hot because I'd been pulling ideas out of my head for so long now in your business that may not be an option to you know just take a year to find your ability to do this but what I would say is could you at the end of every day..

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