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Yes. that's the strangler pattern of cool. Because of course martin fowler thought of this before we put it on the blakey because there were no new ideas or these ideas in software. That martin hasn't already had. I hear you say blakey again. I love the blakey vicky bit. That's the sound of eighties drum. Fill mickey but yes. He put his rookie in two thousand and four And is named after strangler figs and he actually changed it to be cold. The strangler fig pattern bankers. He called it the strangler pattern and people when what like busta. It's a slightly unpleasant night so it was inspired by strangler figs which are plants that Tight routes they germinate in other trees and then they grow down they send tendrils down until they reach the ground and then they take root in the ground And then they kill the tree that they landed in And replace it. And so it's it's really good Kind of analogy. For for what i'm recommending the people do but it's it's a horrible horrible name even strangler fig is you don't you don't want to end after a couple of polls on twitter and asking.

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