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Team in the platform. It takes care of all. My back coffees needs so that i can focus on working with great founders leading fund managers of mehta ten thousand investments into six thousand startups angel est all online and all in one place and with the recently announced running funds. You can easily find an invest in these managers on angel list dot com slash rolling. And let's face it. This new world might work is here to stay and so all of the new headaches that come with running a remote team though which is a nightmare rippling the helps fostering startups automate that. Hr and now they're making it super easy to manage employees and chances anyway when you happy new stays lincoln now automatically registered. You'll start up with each state agency and keep you complying with all the different local labor laws from that rippling. That's you onboard. New highs and literally ninety seconds you can instantly setup people's payrolls benefits and all their slant on get hub so if you're looking for an easier way to run you'll start remotely which is the better way to manage your. Hr ninety visit rippling dot com slash choosier v. c. i'm finding. Did you know that we one point four million job openings. To develop his in two thousand twenty one. That's what my friends at terminal come in tamil. How was fast growing companies build. Remote high-performing teams continue with elite global talent and owning and proceeds from hiring to on boarding to remote teams integration terminal delivers the product building powerhouse. You'll business needs to grow from spaces. To on the ground support they take the guesswork out of remote management. So that you can just thrived. Don't take my word for it. Take hikers businesses. Like gusto chime hymns off trusting. Tom nor with remote teams and you can find out more stay at terminal without further do. I'm now so excited. David david george general partner at andreessen. Horace.

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