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Scott Horsley reports regulators have a simple message for customers who might be tempted to pull money out of the bank during this anxious time as a kind of security blanket your money is safe as they say when it's in the back there have been anecdotal reports of people making large cash withdrawals Janak Williams who chairs the FDIC says even if a bank branch closes or shortens its hours customers will be able to put their hands on cash ATMs are functioning as as usual payment systems are functioning functioning as always I know want to totally that we heard from several banks that they're actually using extra caution in cleaning the ATMs and sanitizing them some banks are getting extra deliveries of cash from armored trucks the people who drive those trucks are considered essential workers Scott Horsley NPR news Washington this is NPR two million Americans without access to clean running water have become some of the most vulnerable to the corona virus on the Navajo Nation forty percent must hold water and use outhouses from member station KJZZ laurel Morales reports Sheila yes he drives fifty miles for her drinking water groceries and other necessities since health officials have encouraged frequent hand washing her family's using more water my mother was asking but what are we taking the trash out we have four bags of trash and we have to try to get to the city to do that doing laundry I'm scared to go to lunch right now we have a small line you might hear a community kind of risky for us right now in two thousand nine American Indians and Alaskan natives died from each one and one at four times the rates of all other racial and ethnic groups combined that's according to a study by the national institutes of health for NPR news and more more Alice in flagstaff the suspect accused of killing fifty one people at two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand last year has unexpectedly pleaded guilty to all charges the shocking attacks triggered new gun laws in New Zealand critics called for changes on social media roles as the government's live streamed his attacks the FBI says a man suspected of plotting to bomb a hospital in Missouri has died after agents attempted to arrest him the suspect was the subject of a long running domestic terrorism investigation the FBI says he was a potentially violent extremist motivated by racial religious and anti government hatred I'm korva Coleman NPR.

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