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And Highly effective and so right now, the most important thing is for people to get vaccinated. I think it's less important about the the different pros and cons amongst the different vaccines. Right now. We're in a situation where we need to protect lives. The company is expected to seek emergency use authorization soon. President Biden, making it clear his American rescue plan will be passed with or without bipartisan support. More members of a certain group charged in the deadly attack on the Capitol members of the proud boys, all right, white nationalist extremist group previously charged through a criminal complaint or now formally indicted by a federal grand jury with conspiracy. Dominic Pa's Ola of Rochester, New York, and William Peppy, a Beacon, New York federal agents who searched His home say they found a thumb drive with instructions for how to make homemade explosives, weapons and poison. Maybe Chuck seabirds and stocks closed lower today. You're listening. To ABC News. Good evening. I'm Bob Williams. Our top story. The Oregon Health Authority has changed the way it releases information on people who have died with covert 1911 90 K exes. Pride. Four reports every day of the Oregon Health Authority was posting details about each person who dies a labor intensive, entirely manual process. Ohh. Director Patrick Alan says they wanted to still make much of the information available, but on the state's covert website, automate that process and provide actually even more information about this through the dashboard that we established. Four list deaths by age group demographics, living status and underlying conditions. Allen says he was taking a lot of time to provide that information on each person's death. Clark County remains in Phase one of the covert 19 reopening despite seven Western Washington counties moving into phase two. Miguel Sosa, owner of Elements Restaurant in Vancouver, tells Que Tu it's not right. Don't agree with only a certain counties opening up and not everybody else. It is kind of it is not fair. Governor Inslee has reduced the metrics needed to make a move. But Clark.

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