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Allowed to do that but I. There was a kind of humble quality to that girl. She was a little lost. And you did that beautifully you thank you. Thank you Riveting also your incredible on camera. You can't take your eyes off so they more often I got I. I needed that. I needed this. Thank you for. You're listening to Debbie magazines. Five things with me Linh Hershberg. Today's podcast was produced by. Cheyenne Assadi. and Michael Becker recorded by destiny Farrand with post production production by the Hanger Studios. The theme song is Sung by Robin Shore and written by Robin Shore. And Jacob fought to Recchi special thanks to Sarah Moon Vez Megan Moss and milk studios. La Subscribe to be the first to hear new episodes of five things and for more from W magazine. Follow us at W. Mavani instagram and w magazine on Youtube where you can see my screen tests and Asmar's and Zora you have to sit down Eh. AH LA LA LA LA LA Hoya..

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