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At all? That's not my life. I think it's everything outside the ring that my life destroyed a couple of times, but no, I think that's really overrated, man. I mean, I think partying and stuff does. I'll just tell you, I can guarantee you who's going to win this fight because the only two times I ever bet on Ortega. I saw her take a fight live against clay guida before he was even known. And I was like, that dude's a future champion. I just sometimes you see a guy you just know they've got. You know what I mean? I was like, yeah, yeah. So I bet on him, I think against Holloway, of course, he gets almost murdered in that fight. So I lose a ton of money on that fight. Then if there's other one he lost, I've been talking nasty I bet on him. Lost a fortune on that one, I'm sure he was just too big for a Vulcan house to too tall. So he loses that one. So on this one, by my bedding logic, I would bet on yair, 'cause I'd be like, I'm never betting on him again after he cost me that kind of money, two fights in a row, which means he would win. Now the question is, who will I actually put the money on if I bet because that will guarantee a win for the other guy? Well, I think it's a lock now because when you and I both go for the same guy. Oh, he's definitely going to lose. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. So I think I will win, which I'm almost sure which means that or take a little more or take us a lock. Yep. You heard it here first, folks. You got the two biggest fucking idiots in gambling. Betting on the trail to give us his prediction if he goes a lot of the trifecta of Chael also says dude, you can make a living Betty to get the show something's picked. He's been wrong like something like 60 times a row. It's the craziest thing ever. I want yer to win because I just like him better. I just like him as a firefighter. Brian's having it too good with that Cortez. He's got what happened. I was like, he already won. Exactly. He's enjoying life way too much already. He's got a good idea. What happened was I was walking to an event. And I saw Brian Ortega. And I go, oh, shit, this burner Tiger guy. But like to myself, I look, and I always love it to somebody. And then the guy goes, yo, and like kind of snuffed me a little bit. Because I almost walked into him, and then I take his started laughing. And they like high 5. All right, then in high 5. But I felt like that one. I love that you had to sell the point at the end when you realized you had nothing. And then they

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