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When he tried to actually go back door. It was Danny's fault. You shouldn't have stopped. He should have kept going coming and had him for a second, but Again. Those are the kind of turnovers that I think must drive. Frank Vogel nuts. They just That's an unforced error. Rockets trailing 15 before trying to get some footing here. 7 20 to go first quarter inside Pasto. Westbrook blocked by James right under the basket. LeBron trying to go coast to coast down the middle of the floor gets contact. Layup know he'll shoot to James on one end on defense and a chance to score two more of the line. Frank Vogel today when I forget you're the way you phrased your question about LeBron James. But you know, maybe playing for championship on all the other things. That's right. He wasn't having it, he said. L B J is locked in each day. Whatever day it is whether it's practice game shoot around. He's locked in for that particular moment doesn't look ahead. He is so focused and it is so obvious that nobody has more impact on their teammates and how they play. Then LeBron James, who hits the first of two free throws, How about postseason numbers, 26 points. 10 rebounds, nine assists per game. He's now 163 career playoff games all time, eh? NBA record two free throws here. James has eight. Already. On the other end, Eric Gordon, a quick trigger three goes down rockets within 10 picked Eric up quick enough just to finish on LeBron LeBron James was not in the playoffs last year, right? That was the first time in a long time He missed it. 17 7 in favor of the Lakers. Danny Green, coming around from the right side, trying to dribble down the post, had it knocked out of bounds across the baseline. Lakers will keep with nine on the shot clock. Of our first substitution coming in his Jeff Greene's about to enter the N B A on ESPN Radio's brought to you by the nose, the capital One assistant. What's in your wallet? Robert Covington heads out to the Houston bench. Him bound baseline right for James gets into Danny Green. Right Side three, pops in and out. Loose ball, middle of Lane still being contested in the Rockets, have it Lakers haven't missed many shots,.

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