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Soviet union. You got soviet station penske and that's what it was called and it was delicious and i really loved it. Sure about the drank gallons. We could buy french champagne in the diplomatic shops. And i wouldn't touch it. It is the real that folded british the second country by champagne after the us but we learned that russia appears not to understand that. Trolling is only real. Trolling if it comes from the troll peninsula in the faroe islands islands otherwise. It's just being a massive pain. In the neck we will now be requiring some music honoring the great nation of denmark. Come on nobody likes gloser. Also the last time sterling dived like that. It was something to do with. George soros. thank you do. We not have some silly danish music as well there. It is full. We learned that the always commendably practical people of denmark had had the foresight to construct a preemptive consolation prize in advance of the narrow failure to be the team. Which would lose three nil to italy in. This sunday's final of the european football championship shooed the freshly de honed. Vikings wished to console themselves once back home with a trip to the seaside at block. Who's they can marvel at. What is we learned. The world's largest ever sandcastle made up of neely five thousand tons of beach and standing more than twenty meters toll so we also learned that someone in denmark owns the world's biggest market for monocle twenty four. I'm andrew many thanks to andrew and look out for the first installment of the foreign desk historical semi series this week. The team travels back in time to nineteen forty and following the assassination of archduke franz food and do tune in for that at midday tomorrow. And that's all for this edition of the briefing. It was produced. By reese james and msel and researched by sophie monaghan cubans. Our studio manager was nora. You'll the briefing is back on monday. I am marcus hippie. Thanks for listening..

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