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Your hair on your arm stands up so I wouldn't be surprised if we work on more music at some gonna point break together. my You're heart gonna anyway. So just leave the pieces when you Hear a full chat on my podcast Beyond the Fame. Jason Fraley, WTOV News. Stick around on WTOV lots more or to come straight ahead in money news. What McDonald's is getting rid of. I'm Jeff Claybaugh. It's 1108 get a precision AC tune -up for only Now traffic and weather on the 8th we have Mary DePompa in the WTOP Traffic Center. All right mark. We have some more news for travelers on Interstate 95 in Virginia. Unfortunately, don't kill the messenger, but if you're northbound riding through Spotsylvania County, it's going to be Jam to get past Route 3 that sign work. They were blocking along the left side now into Stafford County as you pass the Stafford Courthouse Road exit 140 the new work there you have a right lane block to get a little bit of a reprieve but heading into Quantico the crash or excuse me the spill it's a debris spill in northbound as you pass the 148 Russell Road single Quantico file to the left getting by the dude it's gravel and they're sweeping it up as we speak they're getting ready to open one more lane you'll get by in a column of twos easy pass express point northbound for now and Route 1 as an alternate is no longer an original idea but it does work 95 in Virginia running southbound passing Newington the work here blocks a right lane after the Fairfax County Parkway both sides of Beltway getting into McLean you've got work between the Dulles Toll Road and Georgetown Pike both directions with a right lane blocked outer loop delays form in Maryland just off of the big curve south on the George Washington Parkway a long -standing crash from the early morning it was after the Key Bridge you may still hit a delay but we believe all lanes have been restored both sides of DC 295 corridor work happening here essentially between Benning Road and East Capitol Street in both directions only a single lane will get you through Jiffy Lube service centers keep you moving from oil changes tire rotations to filters wipers a full range of services visit JiffyLubeDC .com for the location near you Mary DePompa WTOP traffic the seven news first alert forecast from Eileen Whalen temperatures are going to be climbing a mix with of sun and clouds today high temperatures will range from 85 to 90 we

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