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So today I have got an interesting one for you. It seems pretty cut and dry when you first look at it, but when you dig a little deeper and really organize some of the details, it starts to get pretty wild. And a little confusing. And this case isn't just about one person. We've got two today. So let us get into the case of the missing Panama tourists. AKA the missing Panama hikers, AKA the lost girls of Panama, AKA Chris kremer's and lisan Froome. So you know what time it is. It is backstory time. So we have Chris kremer's. She was born August 9th, 1992. Her parents are Rolly grit, and Hans kremer's. Chris grew up in Amherst fort, Netherlands, and was described by those around her as a very open and creative person. People around her also noted how responsible and mature she was. And at the time of the story, Chris is 21 years old and was studying at the university of Utrecht. She was studying cultural social education, specifically in art education. And now we have Lee San Fran. She was born September 24th, 1991 to parents din and Peter Froome. Like Chris, she also grew up in Amherst for in the Netherlands. At the time of the story, Lee San had just graduated from deventer, with a degree in applied psychology. Lisan also loved to play volleyball and was described by friends and family as super optimistic, aspiring, intelligent and just so passionate about the things she loved. So thus far they both sound like really wholesome, young adults..

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