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Yeah there's definitely a whole bunch of dodgy stuff happening as this is flagged end there hasn't been much concrete put out in the open source m pets recent about an potential illicit trades is military goods especially between north korean pakistan we know that there was a relationship and back in the day that led to cooperation on missiles and probably quite a bit more but there hasn't been much recent at that said i think again it would be a real mistake to assume that there was no other m general north korea paxton trade happening is just probably being routed through third countries which makes it difficult to get visibility on uh again so much of the research that i've done on an dprk you know kind of presence overseas has shown that they wrote that trade in a semi circuitous fashion in which leads or misleads at officials local aid to believe that they don't have much of a a formal north korean at commercial presence on their soil or formal north korean trading relationship with them so i'm sure pakistan has more north korean activity you know in in general economic areas so might need an trading at commodities that are sanctioned but nonmilitary or even trade in commodities at our nonsanctioned m or services services big one for the north koreans overseas so they're certainly some of that too and quite curious with the conversation was like between the north korean ambassador to pakistan and the foreign you know the foreign ministry impacts hit exactly what she saw what he when he demanded the return of his alcohol that was clearly being sold contrary to the laws of pakistan it must have been nn i mean be a fly.

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