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I am done. I told you i don't do this anymore. My wife and i are very happy right now. Okay but we're the clan going to sweeten the pot a little more than that honey. I told you in finding italians italians and catholics. My god i'd hug you but my dick just got so hard. I don't think it'd be right. So so they hire. They hire young young arrives in williamson county in november nineteen. Twenty-three he what is he going to do. He's going to take charge of the operate. His bright the leader is anti prohibition experience and law enforcement experience. he'll give them a ku klux. I get you. So he's in his thirty s he'd been raised on a ranch in was supposed to be a very very good with a gun. He also loved violence. This is this is shaping up to be a really good episode at twenty one. He had joined the texas rangers after that he was. I'm a pitcher. No it's not. Oh sorry oh sorry. Sorry after that he joined. He was us marshall and oklahoma for two years but his big moment was during world war one. He got a job as an agent with the bureau of investigation and the justice department where he went after and tracked down draft dodgers and deserters so hundreds of them mostly in southern states so he was known to track them down alone. He didn't work when the buddy and then he would have gunfights with these people in october. Nineteen eighteen. He had a gun fight with five deserters he killed one during a raid in madison county. He killed a guy who is in the house next door of the house. They were raiding. The guy'd come out and try to shoot young. I and corners report cleared him. But then madison county prosecute him and he was found not guilty but the justice department during all this looked into him and all he was doing and then they they fired him because they said he'd acted immorally improperly. Okay okay what was the trial like back. Then they just had to be so much here like there's just like so little like actual evidence so you just be like look at. He doesn't it. Hey.

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