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Where it ranks on the fun factor, those three 89 matches of flair and steamboat are right there. They're right there. Nothing's above them. The first one's an incredible pay per view, the shotgun rumble, which you can watch along with JR that free shows dot com this month. Casio is going to be on Conrad. We're bringing casio in at no expense very no expense. We're paying him in hot links. And he loves it. The second match in this flare steamboat trilogy is a two out of three falls match at the clash of the champions. It's going to be head to head with Russell mania 5. That one happens at the Superdome. We've talked about that one in the archives. And then of course, we'll finish up at wrestle war and Nashville in May. And of course, as soon as we're finished with this one, flare is moving on to work with the incredible Terry phone. These matches are, look at that picture. Such a great shot. Go check it out. Grilling JR on YouTube dot com. JR's facial to Eric's or to Terry Fox facial is just hilarious. On the heels of this trilogy though, it feels like we're in a similar spot because flair is once again back in the title picture. He's moving on from steamboat. He's now paired with funk. So what does that mean for steamboat? Well, not a bunch of return matches because now flare is working with Fox. So instead, he's going to challenge Lex Luger for the U.S. title. Which, no matter how we slice it, is a step down from the world title, and it's a step down from an in ring opponent, from flair to Luger at the time who was still maybe a little greenish. The great American bash is going to happen in Baltimore, an incredible show, July 23rd, at Steve mills going to lose by DQ, and then his NWA run comes to a close. And think about that now. He just came in in January, and here he is in July, finishing up. What was it that was what was steamboat missing here? You always go back to the two culprits, Conrad, the two Cash and creative. I'm not sure about the cash component. Ricky was being paid well as I recall, I would involve in the payoffs and stuff like that at that point in time, because the guys are essentially on salary. So that was something they would negotiate with their represents. They introduced themselves and whoever was running the company at that time. This case of late Jim hurt, so it just, it's always cash of creative. You can decipher suck it right down to that. That's the bottom bottom line. And I know Ricky was not pleased with this creative. How do you follow up on through the greatest matches ever with arguably the greatest pro wrestler ever? How do you follow that up? Right. It's an insurmountable odds to recreate magic with somebody else. And look, I have great respect for Lex Luger and the man he's from and the things he's overcome is health wise, he's a, he's a great success story in my view. And I think the world of him. And I think of him often. Because the journey that he's on in the ups and downs twists and turns. But there's no way it's not fair in Alexa say the same thing. You know, it's a step down for steamboat. Skill wise, the matches are not near going to be nearly as good. And the irony of it is, if we could just got through it, it would have made it would have made steam, but would have made Luger a much better pro wrestler. Yes. The more match time, the more in ring stuff, but Ricky did not like the direction. It was Anne, but look, what is she going to do? Who are you going to booking with? Comparative flair. Well, there's nobody that can do that. Right. So, and I'm not kissing players to ask the second kissing his ass, but he was a top of the mountain. There's nobody, it's made it tough, booking once. But I think also Ricky, you know, strong family man, I think he kind of probably I'm sure like a lot of guys and gals have some guilt when they're way too much from their children. That is her first responsibility, being a parent. Not being a baby face. So I think he got a little burned out. And he was ready to get off the road. I think as much as anything. And that's what he did. It's just amazing to me to think about his career in terms of when he's fresh off of the greatest WrestleMania match in history, two months later, he needs time off. It's never the same. He's gone several months later. Now he's fresh off the greatest trilogy. Anybody's ever seen and a former world champion now. He finally made it to the top of the mountain. A couple of months later, he's gone. If nothing else, our man was principled, he did it his way. And I can't help but wonder if that may be potentially hurt his standing in the conversation when people talk about all time greats because it feels like they always say, well, it's Shawn Michaels or Ric Flair. But man, if steamboat had worked continuously and not been so principled and taken some of these breaks and walked away when he felt like he wasn't getting a fair shake instead of powering through like flare more often than not did. He'd be mentioned up there with those guys. What do you know? Of course, yeah. A skill, build a bell, yes, Conrad without a doubt. Bell to bell, comparing steamboat of comparing many others a bus to vote would be absolutely erroneous. Not even close.

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