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Oh my goodness. Good morning, good afternoon. Whatever it is for you, I hope you're having a fantastic day. My name is Zach Schumer. This is strong opinion sports episode 400 and 79. Welcome in. Really, truly hope you're doing well. Today, we are talking about the first round of the NFL Draft. Let's jump in. I want to share my thoughts about the first round of the NFL Draft, the stuff that I find interesting, the stuff that I like. Let's start here with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. This is very noteworthy. You have to talk about the first overall pick. The Jaguars drafted javon walker out of Georgia. It's going to be interesting because the first two picks of the NFL Draft were both edge defenders. Basically pass rushers, javon walker, went number one overall, and then the Lions drafted 8 and Hutchinson, a defensive end number two overall. And a lot of people said that Aidan Hutchinson should have been the number one overall pick. And so I just think the storyline here is going to be interesting to follow as the years go on. Is who's going to be a better player? Trevon walker or Aiden Hutchinson, who becomes the better edge defender. As the years go on, they will constantly be compared. I think as they should be, and did the Jaguars get it right. I don't know, but I'm really curious as the years go on to find out. Aiden Hutchinson is a great player. It's a bit weird. He's not a, he's not miles Garrett. Miles Garret I think partially that's just to show how good miles Garrett is. I think miles Garrett, von Miller before him. Aidan Hutchinson has never going to be the best defensive end in the NFL. So for me, it was hard to think about him as a number and overall pick, but also he's not going to bust. I would be shocked if Aiden Hutchinson was 8 and Hudson was a bad NFL player and he certainly very good defensive end. He's got to be a good leader and a good in the locker room and he may not have the highest ceiling, but he also probably isn't a bust. So that's not a ringing endorsement, but I think with the lions did was a very good thing by drafting aid and Hudson. Let's talk about the Jaguars for a second first. So the Jaguar is not only drafted, javon walker number one overall. They traded back into the first round and drafted number 27 overall linebacker Devin Lloyd, it's a solid move. They just let miles Jack walk away. And so I think the Jaguars, they got two new starters on defense, javon walker, and Devin Lloyd. It's kind of a weird draft because there was no clear number one best player available. There was no Kyler Murray, miles Garrett, there was no player, they're like, that guy definitively should be number one. There was a lot of debate going on. And I go back to, I think it's going to be a really interesting 5 years from now who should have been the number one pick. Was it the right move? I think the Detroit Lions killed it. Not only did they get aid in Hutchinson number two overall, a local hero at a Michigan a defensive end a guy who, like I said, probably never going to be the best in the league at his position, but a guy who I think for the next ten years could be a staple and a really good player Pro Bowl caliber player in Detroit..

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