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That's what i have Upcoming and you know what i've done in the past. So i'm almost speechless. I really am. Because i took a couple of quotes out of your writing there and you you offer comfort in despair and i don't mean to come but the sound like it's all all twenty twentieth dark and gloomy because it's certainly is not has not been but it's i love the way that you are comfort in despair and when we opened our eyes despair is really all around us as a therapist and now you are working with the drug addicts of our says in our society that population. How is it that you are able to serve the way you do marginalized all actually all of humanity and survive and still be the way that you are a founding that is never failing all these years. What is the secret. I think no but i need for you to tell people that don't know okay. It's it's got it is. It is god in my life and i would not even begin to say that i do this on my own All of us have on an assignment. And i believe that that's where my assignment is. Many people don't want to work with the people that i work with. And i wanna point out that you know. I've been in my career long enough that i'm in administration but you know i still gotta get down there. I still gotta get you know. Get my hands. I don't even wanna say dirty. But i have to. I have to reach where the needs of the people are one of the other things that i do That i do believe is that mental health is very real and particularly with the the covid situation. Mental health is real so one of the things that i so strongly believe. Is that all minds matter. So i provide mental health services to the ones that can't pay. I provide mental health services to should those who have been marginalized. I you know yes. I do have wealthy clients that come to see me. But that's not the bulk of my of my business. The bulk of my business are the ones that can't pay..

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