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From lemonade media. Wherever you get your podcasts all right. We're gonna shift gears to our nbc netanyahu and the little upset to see ben that there's just a breaking news alerts that israel's launching airstrikes into gaza according to palestinian security sources. So maybe we'll be able to track that as we go here but that's very bad news but let's stick to the good news so at long last. Bb than yahoo is no longer the prime minister of israel. He was prime minister for fifteen years including the last twelve in a row now. He's just another racist corrupt authority member of parliament. And that's a good thing on sunday night. The knesset voted in the new government by a single vote. Sixty fifty nine. It was so close that one lawmaker had to leave her hospital bed. Vote and then go back to the hospital. netanyahu's supporters decided to go out in the most obnoxious childish way possible. They heckled the new. Prime minister. And of tally bennett. During his speech netanyahu himself delivered a speech where he pledged to quote. Lead you in a daily battle against his bad and dangerous left wing government and bring down and quote. He also bragged about giving the finger to the united states saying the biden administration asked me not to make our disagreements on the iran nuclear deal public with all due respect to president biden. I refused he. Then compared returning to the iran nuclear deal to decision by fdr not to bomb the tracks that lead to auschwitz in nineteen forty four. Just a truly disgusting offensive comparison in one that makes me just pissed off all over again at the big brains in washington who say the united states can't ever criticize bibi netanyahu publicly when he's like comparing the jcp to the holocaust anyway. Ben gloat intense. Diplomacy y- i will try not to gloat already gloating. This thing's fragile. Bbc's like the monster at the end of a horror movie he comes back but like any parting thoughts any parting words for mister netanyahu. We'll talk much more about the new government coalition in my interview with the ira rosenberg's stick around for that. I mean the the takeaways offer a finger slowly. Different than what i've said before about this No one vigilance is required. Like he's still bear in the same way. That trump is still there like in the same way that he's become even more on the way out just like trump did with all of his fatchett crazy allegations and offensive remarks up number two. Like i think it's interesting booking the full scale and breadth of his opposition. It made me realize this tactic were seeing more and more countries like hungary which obviously right about in my book like the entire opposition. Put this big umbrella over them from former far right party the socialist party to some kind of centrist parties. 'cause they're like you know what we all agree we have to get rid of this guy and then we can fight it out amongst ourselves and i think that's very healthy tactic and it's necessary. It's by the way the same kind of democratic party did hear sound like dorsal. Joe biden exactly right. So i think lesson to be learned right but unifies opposition to get rid of the corrupt autocrat obvi- watching like whether he's convicted. I mean i think that like part of the hope of this new government is in like bb could actually be convicted of all times. He's been indicted for in that. Might more permanently settle. Things in terms of his role is right politics. I think the republican party's full blending together with bb ism and the likud party in israel's like fully completed with me when i saw like nikki haley like tweeting out photos with like that. That nutjob evangelical preacher guy. Jon hagey and oh the calling him. Prime minister netanyahu and there's no longer prime minister in his residence. Where she. I don't know how he's still hanging out at the premise regimens. Yeah so like the republican. Party's embrace of this again. This is garbage. The guy on the where the door bragged about bashing the democratic president. Who was very careful to say he would never criticize. Be publicly like Like let's just let's be able to criticize a government does things we disagree the time and if these reports of gaza true i mean decided nothing really changing the palestinians and you even saw. The government approve a far-right like protests march through some naturally protest kind of like a different site like incitement march basically So you know. Hamas had said they would respond to that and hopefully the need to have consensus misgovernment. whole moderates some extent but But yes let's enjoy being in your being gone recognized that a lot of people worked very hard against long odds to accomplish at least that and gonna enjoy that and then hope israelis take the next step agreed in your head. You know like a not at all naive but like hopeful take on on how things could get better how you could see more air participation in politics a more moderate coalition than what anything you'd see entered in yahoo so we'll see and obviously we'll be tracking. This news balanced turn to nigeria because on june. Fourth the nigerian ministry of information announced that the government had suspended twitter operations in the country. After twitter froze nigerian president muhammadu buhari account in deleted tweets that was interpreted by many as a threat of genocide against ethnic group. That seems like a very good reason. to delete a tweet. Twitter has been an important tool for activists in nigeria. Who wanna raise awareness about issues like police brutality. They want to organize protests so want connect with each other so this suspension is really a big deal for them and they can now be prosecuted if they use a vpn and find some way to tweet. Which many of them are doing because our former president is a selfish arsonist. He decided to weigh in on this matter on his sad little website in he congratulated nigeria for banning twitter. He also encouraged other countries to ban twitter and facebook for quote not allowing free and open speech..

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