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And you see it in a three standard deviation move in euro krona you usually don't look a dollar i'm not looking hero yell swedish krona and weird stronger euro weaker sweden i don't know the dynamics in that other than had sort of brought move i don't wanna make a big deal about it but yeah the currency move forever associated with negative rates right the central banker a little bit what they're really associated with the heritage's swedish central banking david is is solving crises they did this in the early 90s and they are acclaimed for courage much like the irish clearing out the market in two thousand seven in the banking market in two thousand eight soon people think a swedish banking they think of courage cities generalization same thing with the curious schilling entrance here now in bloomberg 1130 studios this at the present a vaguer schilling and a couple of great to have you with us here how is your outlook changed in light of what we've seen this week we heard from janet yellen she talked about the prospects for for alluded to the prospects rather rate hike here in december we got at long last a a framework for tax reform has your outlook for growth say in that in the us economy changed this week well i has a really change but i i think yelling made an extra nary speech last friday and cleveland i mean i mean she shocked at a party line yeah we're gonna we're gonna raise ray chen the economy is strengthening an unemployment is uh is going to lead to inflation of the usual phillips her but she had show many caveats and show many mea culpas in there i mean she basically said we don't know what we're doing we don't know why inflation is slow we don't know why why low unemployment is matt and stick of stirring up wages and so on and i thought it was amazing mea culpa coming from the fed chairman now and in a very well could pave the way for them postponing a rating creases even in december and i would opine on his curie in a in a mm cutting early i'm sorry for the.

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