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We troops really really value those who came on a Uso tour because you didn't have to go rhino under orders you volunteer to go into a war zone you volunteered to go into some of the most heart wrenching situations at Walter, reed on your own will because you cared about us and our troops me being one of them always always hold that a heart an and and just you know we have a special place in our heart for it for USO tour remember. Al Franken Fan before you came through when we met fan in me. But yes, we met you had. I think you had. Was it rush limbaugh is big fat idiot or was it wising lying wires on your bedside table I had been reading lies line liars in Iraq, and when you get good and they sent all your gear back Oh, you get killed up for bid they they spend all your back. They send the basic you know most personal things and I think it my book back. And I was bitching about it to you. and. Then two weeks after you visit you very clearly send me an autograph copy which I have prominently displayed on my shelf. Well meaning you and also go going. Know to Walter Reed was amazingly moving experience for me always, and I remember the first guy I met had a leg missing He was leaning against the wall. I. Said What happened to you and he said well, I came in here for a SEC demy. And the. The sense of humor. Of these guys and when I first started there I don't we've probably discussed all this but I take a picture and then I'd sign it right and I would sign I. Thank you for your service and about the third guy signed it for he said, you know we really don't. Like that 'cause. Just says, thank you for your service and we don't know how much they really mean it. So I kept then I started doing signing pictures. Thank you for being grievously wounded..

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