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Now among scores of individuals arrested. Federal prosecutors have said they eventually expect hundreds to face charges for on a virus vaccine supply chain blips as the U. S struggles to ramp up the pace of vaccinations. ABC is Trevor Altar as more Americans. Demand for vaccines is now greatly outpacing are available supply with million's hanging in the balance. Multiple states now scaling back distribution plans. They just ramped up. Several governors accusing the Trump administration of lying to them that 20 million more doses were about to become available. You're listening to ABC News. Taking a look at KGO traffic. We'll start in low. Scott does 17 South bound after Lark Avenue crash between a car and a motorcycle Has the left lane blocked a tow truck on the way traffic is slow for 17 south, bound between Camden and the Blossom Hill Road Over Crossing San Matteo. The left lane closed due to a crack seal operation for 92 westbound between El Camino Real and Hillsdale Boulevard. San Matteo 92 westbound between Ralston and Digs Canyon Road is slow. Berkeley. We have some slow traffic for 80 westbound between Gil Woman Street in the maze traffic slow from two earlier collisions in Emeryville in Albany. Eastbound traffic is slow for 80 between the Maze and Gilman Street and for the Bay Bridge. Slow for westbound 80 between the incline in Fremont Street with KGO traffic. I'm Maggie Jones. The following show is paid for by balance of nature incorporated. The views, opinions and beliefs expressed are those of balance of nature incorporated and do not necessarily reflect those of staff management, ownership of cumulus media or other partners. Balance of nature's fruits and vegetables.

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