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Then why they thought it looked to dark i was trying to make essentially what knew surprise um they uh uh i was trying to make something like the red balloon and um it was not a lot of language in it not a loved the took place in the inner city they wanted shows about suburban america and i i i think that's where i really ran afoul of the executive core there and um they pulled the plug on the movie the move me off to animation and um and then several years later to make a long story short i ended up going to colombia for the simple reason that i i asked myself as i was living in north hollywood ablock or two from circus liquor that uh which is still there by the winner um that i i asked myself when it was last happy and when i was last happy was what i was in film school and i was desperate enough that i thought will just do that like you're lost go go to where you were last happy and rebuilt from there and and often you know would somebody gets a deal and they start working in seattle last place they would get a film school but i really admire that you did in when you went to colombia you i think film school gets a bad rap i think it's really cool to put it down but i think that that it is whatever you make of it frankly and that's and and for some people that shit in for some people it's awesome well we're sitting here the los angeles films quantum curious what your experience was because you had meals foreman like you got to study under the great meal is fly mary lucky both places i studied a cow arts i ended up as a teaching assistant any kind of from a alexandra mckendrick was teaching there and i blame uh uh i attach myself immediately to him and um and then at columbia i was lucky enough to study with me loesch and a bunch of other great faculty members were there um but i also had you know the one thing that film school is any school is really is also time out and uh to work you know and.

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