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Hey everyone and welcome to another paid for Friday episode where we highlight people that we feel are doing a great job. Publishing leadership content that resonates with us. We include links to their work and him on our post to make sure that they know we appreciate them. This is our way to say. Thanks to other leaders and individuals that are having a positive impact on helping others become better leaders, sharing their thoughts, opinions and ideas online for all the scene here. Chris and I have always wanted our platform to advocate for other people passionate about leadership, and give our listeners as much content as possible to help sharpen their own skills, the different perspectives and approaches. If you'd like us. Check out any one specific. Please tag them in the comments or send us a message with links to their content on this episode I WanNa Recognize Colin Mulholland. Collins. Title is the Enterprise Change. Management Global Practice leader of change healthcare. Colin has some great posts. On his Lincoln page, it has been a guest on a few podcasts sharing his views on Change Management Co, creating shared vision, aligning goals and embedding continuous feedback. I appreciate counts thoughts on how to have a systemic approach to creating efficiencies while including the voice of the employees and customers I also appreciate his definition of a system as the shared behaviors, beliefs and sumptious of a team, and that anyone on the team is in the system. In recent posts Colin shared and I quote when we show up with a willingness to listen openness to learn encouraged to co create together. We are better when we attempt to coerce or change others we are doomed to lose trust, and our best will not be accomplished. Grateful to learn from a comprehensive approach by Michelle, Kim to navigate during traumatic times key takeaway know that your team will remember your compassion, but they will also remember your silence. So. I highly recommend checking collins content in as usual is the links to is linked in profile in the episode notes Great Job Colin and thanks for helping others to Hashtag be a better leader. Thanks for listening and let us know who else deserves some Kudos..

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