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It's <Speech_Female> wednesday february <Speech_Female> third. I'm <Speech_Female> mary regalado. And <Speech_Female> here's your local news <Speech_Female> from the los angeles <Silence> times <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> brought <Silence> to you by audible. <Silence> wednesday february <Speech_Female> third. I'm <Speech_Female> mary regalado. And <Speech_Female> here's your local news <Speech_Female> from the los angeles <Silence> times <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> brought <Silence> to you by audible. <Silence> <Speech_Female> We <Speech_Female> could see some patchy <Speech_Female> fog this morning <Speech_Female> otherwise it <Speech_Female> will be partly cloudy <Speech_Female> with a high of sixty <Speech_Female> six and a low tonight <Silence> of forty nine. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Our top story <Speech_Female> grocery and drugstore <Speech_Female> workers in <Speech_Female> could receive <Speech_Female> a five dollar an <Speech_Female> hour raise during <Speech_Female> the pandemic <Speech_Female> yesterday. The la <Speech_Female> city council back <Speech_Female> plan to temporarily <Speech_Female> give hazard <Speech_Female> pay. Despite <Speech_Female> warnings that the wage <Speech_Female> hike could bring lawsuits <Speech_Female> and store <Speech_Female> closings. The <Speech_Female> council voted unanimously <Speech_Female> to order city <Speech_Female> attorneys to <Speech_Female> draft an ordinance <Speech_Female> that gives grocery <Speech_Female> and drugstore workers <Speech_Female> hero. Pay for the <Speech_Female> next one hundred twenty <Speech_Female> days. <Speech_Female> The council <SpeakerChange> still has <Speech_Female> to vote on the ordnance <Silence> <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> in <Speech_Female> other news. Governor <Speech_Female> gavin newsom job <Speech_Female> approval rating among <Speech_Female> california. Voters <Speech_Female> has plummeted. <Speech_Female> That's according <Speech_Female> to a poll by the uc <Speech_Female> berkeley institute <Speech_Female> of governmental studies. <Speech_Female> Less <Speech_Female> than half of california <Speech_Female> voters forty <Speech_Female> six percent <Speech_Female> approved of newsome's <Speech_Female> job performance <Speech_Female> just four <Speech_Female> months ago. The governor <Speech_Female> had a sixty <Speech_Female> four percent approval <Speech_Female> rating that <Speech_Female> rating was among the <Speech_Female> highest of any california <Speech_Female> governor in the last <Speech_Female> fifty years <Speech_Female> at the same point <Speech_Female> in their first term. <Speech_Female> More than <Speech_Female> a third of the state's <Speech_Female> registered voters <Speech_Female> said. They would vote to <Speech_Female> oust him from office. <Speech_Female> If a republican <Speech_Female> led recall qualifies <Speech_Female> for the ballot. <Speech_Female> The results are <Speech_Female> driven largely by dissatisfaction <Speech_Female> over <Speech_Female> the state's response <Speech_Female> to the covid. Nineteen pandemic <Silence> <Speech_Female> in business. <Speech_Female> News amazon <Speech_Female> has agreed to pay more <Speech_Female> than sixty one million <Speech_Female> dollars to drivers <Speech_Female> who were denied. <Speech_Female> The full amount <Speech_Female> of customer tips. <Speech_Female> The settlement <Speech_Female> reached after <Speech_Female> federal trade commission. <Speech_Female> Investigation <Speech_Female> comes nearly two <Speech_Female> years after the <Speech_Female> l. a. times exposed. <Speech_Female> How amazon <Speech_Female> had been using tips <Speech_Female> to subsidize <Speech_Female> payments to its <Speech_Female> flex drivers. <Speech_Female> The money will reimburse <Speech_Female> drivers whose <Speech_Female> tips were withheld <Speech_Female> over the last two and <Speech_Female> a half years. <Speech_Female> In addition <Speech_Female> amazon will be prohibited <Speech_Female> from making changes <Speech_Female> to how drivers <Speech_Female> received customer <Speech_Female> tips without <Speech_Female> first getting the written <Speech_Female> consent <SpeakerChange> of <Silence> the drivers <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> in politics. <Speech_Female> Former mixed martial <Speech_Female> arts fighter tito <Speech_Female> ortiz will remain <Speech_Female> mayor pro. <Speech_Female> Tem huntington beach. <Speech_Female> After the city <Speech_Female> council fail to vote <Speech_Female> on a motion stripping <Speech_Female> him of the title <Speech_Female> the item <Speech_Female> under consideration <Speech_Female> claimed he had <Speech_Female> failed to perform at <Speech_Female> a level expected <Speech_Female> for this position <Speech_Female> and demonstrated <Speech_Female> little commitment to serving <Speech_Female> in the role with honor <Speech_Female> and dignity <Speech_Female> ortiz. A <Speech_Female> longtime huntington <Speech_Female> beach resident who <Speech_Female> had no prior political <Speech_Female> experience <Speech_Female> was elected in <Speech_Female> november with the most <Speech_Female> votes in city. <Speech_Female> History he <Speech_Female> has since drawn <Speech_Female> the ire of many on <Speech_Female> the council for his <Speech_Female> refusal to wear a mask <Speech_Female> amid the <Silence> coronavirus pandemic <Silence> <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> in sports the <Speech_Female> los angeles angels <Speech_Female> have suspended pitching <Speech_Female> coach mickey callaway <Speech_Female> after <Speech_Female> allegations of sexual <Speech_Female> harassment surfaced. <Speech_Female> Calloway <Speech_Female> suspension <Speech_Female> will last until <Speech_Female> the organization can complete <Speech_Female> a full investigation <Speech_Female> of <Speech_Female> the allegations. <Speech_Female> The athletic <Speech_Female> reported on monday <Speech_Female> that calloway <Speech_Female> inappropriate advances <Speech_Female> toward at least <Speech_Female> five women <Speech_Female> in the sports media industry <Speech_Female> over <Speech_Female> the course of about five <Speech_Female> years while working <Speech_Female> for the angels. <Speech_Female> The new york. Mets <Speech_Female> and the cleveland indians <Speech_Female> calloway. <Speech_Female> Suspension comes <Speech_Female> two weeks after <Speech_Female> the mets dismissed. <Speech_Female> General manager jared <Speech_Female> porter because <Speech_Female> of sexual harassment <Speech_Female> allegations made <Silence> against him <Silence> <Speech_Female> for these <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> stories and more <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> visit l. a. times <Silence> <Advertisement> dot <SpeakerChange> com <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement>

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