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Man. Thank you. Thanks boys. Have a good one you too. That was Colby Covington. I got the best. I'm surprised it wasn't at the Capitol during the uprising. I right? Oh my God. God, man. He's he's funny, dude. He's like chill, like three. He has like, I don't think any of that's an act. I think. Kobe is just like, Matt one, you think so. Can you hang out with them? Is a nice guy. He seems like a nice guy, but you really believes what he says though. He, he he's in a, he's an intense guy. He cares about is when he's, yeah, it's almost like, like, if you watch the Michael Jordan documentary, remember that, like that? Exactly. I got that feeling. He would like, just make up people that like, he had beef with that. We didn't even really didn't say stuff. Like, he had to find one thing that he didn't like about you to get him. That's kind of Colby like yeah, he's never going to come in fat. There's no off-season for him. Yeah. Unfortunately if a parent would lie and I love would lie. He has other interests of being a rapper and an acting job. Right. It seemed like he does get a little out of shape and then come back down and come back. Where as Colby it's just this is this is it like yeah. No he just wants to, you know, he just wants his walk and that's the thing. It's like it's but the the difference also is that, oh, smells kind of the same way or exactly the same way, which is why they're so they're. So there's such a good match up and there's yeah, there are good matchup. I mean, to be honest, be honest like Adam. I know you love Colby but like you you put your my nose man. Come on, when the money off even if I thought he was going to win. Because then I gotta have Kobe back on the podcast and like complete like a think like I'm a complete fraud..

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