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This isn't new I prefer the subway series at Yankee Stadium just like. I prefer next nets at Madison Square Garden and a part of why that is the case is there's. No embarrassment And, what I. Mean by that is if it's ninety five percent Yankee fans and the Yankees are beaten up, the Mets the Yankees are winning in their own building the. Fans are going crazy it is what it is. Same thing the garden I get very embarrassed rightfully so and I'm used to this when I'm in my own building and it is being taken over. By fans of another team and that obviously happens a lot in the subway it's. Much worse. With Knicks nets, and I get ninety five percent of the audience. Doesn't. Understand where I'm. Coming from with Nixon s. And that's fine you can, live in your own. World where you don't even know, the nets, exists. That's fine I understand that but I'm. Just relate to. Me for a second okay here met fan you better. Relate to me if you're a jets fan you're, an islander fan if you for the. Yankees giants Nixon Rangers fine you don't have. To relate at all I, get it you kings of. The world as far as teams popularity but when the games are played on the road there's just less of an embarrassment factor so I don't get as stressed about it This year there should be no stress because of how bad the Mets are. But even. When they are, badges now having fans of another team in your. Building. Is a naturally. Embarrassing thing and it doesn't. Happen to that extreme on, the other rent especially. Because the Mets are having a, bad year, if. The Mets were having a good year. If the Mets. A beaten up the keys and Yankee fans leave early, sure it happens but they are few and far, between I mean the best example of. The was the first game they have played The first, one June sixteenth nineteen Ninety-seven however remember the date I don't know That's why I remember the date because the first subway now that's. The way the first interleague, game for the Mets and Yankees for some reason I remember as being Friday the thirteenth and the Mets play the Red. Sox chase stadium that was their first interleague game. And believe it or not c, b Bucknor was an, empire, in, that. Game. I, don't think he. Umpire I but About that CB Buckner is on pirate. In this game some more on the field Mets Red, Sox the the newness of interleague. Play the oddity eventually I remember thirteen fourteen fifteen and then sixteen th a Monday night was the first ever met Yankees subway series, game and the, Mets won that game which was no side of the. Future I mean it's not as if that. Game show you what. The future would hold it didn't show it at all because that's one one four times since it feels like but. That game I remember was probably. The apex if you will of. The met Yankee, rivalry because David Leakey pitches this great game the Mets score those runs early and the Yankee fans did leave early so that was a game he took over I think. He listen I may be, reading too far into this and we'll get the debate in a few minutes can set things up we'll JJ relax a. Little bit I don't want any unfair advantage Stransky. Comes in forget the Yankee hat, because He knows that, doesn't bother me that much He's wearing a Nick shirt and I think he knows it's. Not on purpose JJ. Because I have this? I despise the Knicks are you to say Saying that the, reason, I'm wearing an next sure? Go ahead is because I, stated Caitlyn's and I'm kind, of short on clothing by jeans a good buddy of mine Steve who is. The size medium I. Said to him yesterday I'm going to, stay, over Cates you gotta give? Me a medium correct yes Mike Okay A good, friend Dana, boyfriend. Steve we were over there last. Time. Okay so basically to entice me to stay over Kate was, like you got to borrow a t-shirt from why wouldn't you have close already?.

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