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Even windows boxes are mentioned the windows name limitation issue with colin's etcetera. One can run into the same issue on android. It was said of this issue. But you can work around that. And i'm curious what the work arounds are or is the around just renaming the files bingo ground truth to change the stupid way that gnome screen shot names files which has co lonzo in an i put full stops or underscores or something like that so all files in the future no longer colons in michael ray emailed us. I really feel. i should write the emails. Every one of the slew of lennox and technically focus on subscribe. To every time many presenters of any one of these podcasts results in email or phone price with someone with an english name there is a joking reference to the fact that present to approach get the name wrong and they make no attempt to get you right the half life where they do is maddening. This is very very annoying as it is very very rude. Stop drawing attention to nine hundred five hard to pronounce and just have a cracker tastes so to be fair. What michael isn't hearing is the bits that get cutout so it might seem like all we're doing is having a bit of a laugh and then having a butchered go at the name but what you're not hearing is the multiple attempts before where we try to get the name right and fail so suggesting that we don't have a cracker is actually. You're not well informed. Because you don't have access to the raw audio of us absolutely butchering people's names and then doing a final for the final edit. I'm sure one daij. I will release the podcast bleep. Israel where you hear clues no bad enough. Every week simply perito we will continue to make significant effort to read out people's names correctly but we will still get it wrong. And that's all of your wonderful feedback and that's represented twenty. Thank you for listening. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the steamed egg or stream dag as some people accidentally it. If you want to send us that feedback send it to show alabama new poll. Cosstalk all come in chatter about it and our

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