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I'm just coming here was just an obvious would move sooner. If my son he was in high school though so i just let him finish and so you just moved from saint louis to los angeles. That's that's a big a big culture shock. Join the food because i know like in in saint louis. It's it's way different because i used to live on east coast from new york originally and even when i go back home and visit family you know it's it's a big deal about ordering food at restaurants and stuff like that 'cause i'm from a smaller area upstate new york and if you try to order like aig egg whites. We try to get something different here. They kind of look at you twice but here in l._a. Is easy to get good food. Grant omar gosh. The access is incredible man. So is this rolling okay a._m. But yeah i grew up on a lot of people say a shitty growing up but i mean i'm like you got to. We need a salad till i was in my twenties. The first time i eat a salad while you know unfortunately my grandma snuck in brooklyn like put some velveeta cheese on and got that that in my body but like i have my birthday party at mcdonald's and just like you know when you're younger. Your parents want you to eat something a lot of times too and especially like grandparents because i live with my grandma's about seven. It's like food is like a communication of love in a sense you know and so she's wanting to eat stuff. I like so a lot of fish sticks macaroni and cheese. Just you know kind of had that whole thing and when i think about going to a restaurant i think about po- folks. I don't know if you know that restaurant. They might not have one of the east coast. It was just like you know fried fish and it sounds like good eating the meals guy man but they all you can eat shrimp and i was just shoveling shoveling man like i remember the waitress coming by the table and gobbled up all this shrimp and then she thought we were stealing it is just like pointed his little kids as like now. Is this little little garbage yeah. What do you think of <hes> like a loppy made. I've heard you mentioned this a bunch of times at but <hes> i've heard you mentioned being like neurotic. You know towards like what kind of water you're drinking and what kind of food you're eating and <hes> your parent of three apparent of to man. I i got a hard. I i don't say anything i bite my tongue. You know because i've i've taught my kids since they were very young about nutrition and now they're teenagers agers and we're getting into their teenage years and i'm kind of like i'm just gonna like let them make their own decisions. You know some trying to let it go but i hear them order kokin looking. I'm like i can barely hear it. You know i could barely stand how do you how do you handle it for yourself and for your family sure you know was so awesome man and i would <music>. I'm so grateful for my older self my older version of me because i wasn't arrived like i went all the way to the other extreme from like eating the shittiest food possible to everything. Everything had to be a certain way. Even my water like you mentioned like i was going to spring in gathering water like some kind of you know <hes>. What does that michael landon <hes> what does that this show the the prairie little into a pond and stuff. I always think about intro to this show. Do you remember that meet. Turn the t._v. Off but anyways disrespect anybody love your show but man. I got so erotic i did <hes> but that's a great thing too is that i'm willing to experiment so i did like five years vegan three years raw food. Just i didn't eat anything cooked not cooked morsel food pass pass. My lips and i live in missouri. Get hard core winter's too you know and just like.

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