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Of fun stuff for you in the preseason. If and when the cast drops in the near future. I mean look. I want to say on south africa. Australia occupying completely different spaces in my mind. And what i call the like. They really do have to be that different for me to kind of consume voice and that has happened and i think what indicates that is the to merge names in dealer like the native word of their like you know local culture because it's filmed as well in house in south africa. He remains a beautiful tribe name verses the science drive. It's very much very much. Goofiest in gallon goop is takes cultural sensitivity into account and you know meaning when he creates his tribe name. Gupta's just looked at the fire pains that on the flag. Yeah like it's dumb. But it's funny and i'm here for it and it's flaming hot and my burn me but also there's a lot of phya making actually the will powell than it should be anyway. It's pretty much the perfect representation. So i'm going to do the exits on another podcast gonna try to recap out quickly. Haven't even spoken debate. And yet so i might just that in. Its own podcast. Now that i got. I didn't get chelsea but i did. One with kes- adam speaking of bayden so i'll put it out as podcast later and the next week i have tests o'halloran to talk about week six believe list venting but i think we'll have fun. It's gonna be great. I think it's going to be a great pallet cleanser from what made the stupid american idiot brought onto this podcast. And thank you so much for having me shannon. I love talking ending all things survivor with you. Get to do it every week. This truly feels like though. I'm being like invited into your home. Hope it in mess it up too much. I know there are a lot of things event about a lot of weird things to say but let me just like nail home. What i said before that this season is just stupid fun. I really am having a great time to sort of like letting things go and getting into all the madness. That australia and survivor provides and even in this week. It's all the frustrations. We still had a lot of fun stuff going on with these characters overall. I really do enjoy the cats while what were you know. Left to see of them. I think despite jokes about their level of phantom of survivor. I do think this is a rather dynamic group of people in terms of personalities. That's what makes me upset that. We can't see more of certain people's personalities but i'm really excited to see what's to come when you put the show in the people's hands they're going to create natural chaos and so hopefully once we get away from this non elimination. Bs we'll be able to move into chaos from here on out. And i cannot wait to listen to you and the great test. Break it all down. I hope people were able to put up with my ramblings for three hours and somewhat enjoy them some people who are going through it you know i feel bad i feel like i got to know i never have to think about it again and that is helpful to me although i am doing an exit invaded a couple of hours. I guess i better remember what happened. But thank you so much mike forgiving. Almost three hours of your time to talking about this helping people you guys can catch me again on the exit interviews. When that's out. And as well talking tribal with nick with nathan morris. If you haven't checked that out we get some initial thoughts out and always get good to get nick's boss as well. So thank you. Mike coming on again. Thank you to everyone who listened through all of this. Thank you discussing behind the scenes. And i'll see you only exit interviews by australia ordinary australia. V one million pounds..

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