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Know you certainly didn't intend to insert yourself in a way. The district was the most of the finals of Rafah coaching every single point. And he never gave a warning. So I don't really get it. Okay. So let's let's be honest about this Patrick Morongo admitted. Yes, he was coaching which is against the rules. You're not allowed to coach in match at the open there at certain there's certain tournaments started to allow some of that. But in this situation, you absolutely cannot coat and his excuse was everybody's doing it. It's kind of like everybody drive in eighty and who gets caught. Yeah. You don't get caught you got away with it. You get caught. Then he got caught. Correct. So he got caught and Serena got the violation for which basically this started it because she went to that Tehran. Piran? She said you I don't cheat accusing me of cheating. I'd rather lose than cheat to which Patrick McEnroe when he was talking about this whole thing. I heard him and say this is where it started. He said the umpire critics started right there by diffusing the situation and saying this Williams, I'm not accusing you of cheating. We are. Your violation is your coach was coaching. You. I never said you were cheating. Patrick said he could have started diffuse the situation, then he didn't do that. She was obviously upset then she breaks her racket that's the second violation. And that's going to cost you a point. And then she keeps going at it with with fires as she's sitting there. Eventually calling him a thief, and then costing her the third violation and the game. So the two sides of this, by the way, she got fine seventeen thousand dollars for the three separate incidents four thousand for the coaching violation three thousand for smashing Iraq. And by the way, she's responsible for her coach. Yes, she's responsible for coach. Even though the coach said everybody's doing it four grand for that three grand for smashing the racket ten thousand for verbal abuse towards the empire. So my thought on this is Serena kept this going and couldn't put it away. Because I also heard Patrick McEnroe said guys who have gotten to this situation because we were talking about women and men got mad about it. He talked about Nidal at one time getting. Heated, but then he was able to put it away. And then just go play tennis. He said Serena made the mistake of not putting it away and keep going and going and going and Patrick racket. So McEnroe said that's on her. She should have found a way to end it and go back to playing tennis. And then Patrick also said that that Charon prior was wrong absolutely wrong for taking because he knew the next violation was going to be a game violation wreck. He absolutely knew it. So it should have taken short of an earthquake to make them make him give that penalty to cost a game. According to Patrick McEnroe. And I think a lot of people and that was the word thief when we have seen. So I mean, the Twitter was littered littered with men calling names out of of linesmen and umpires and not getting anything for it. And Serena call this guy, a thief, and it was the buildup of the tirade that cost her the game. I think we need to be really clear about three things here in the situation. Serena. By what she did allow the situation. Absolutely, right. The second point which I think is the most critical. Carlos Ramos, the unpire by the letter of the law. Did what did what you can do? Which is the first one was a warning the second one is a point and the third one is a game. Right. But just because he could have doesn't mean he should have. And that to me is the biggest takeaway and all of this. I agree with you, Mike unless Serena walks up to and says, I'm gonna bash your brains in with my tennis racket to take away a game a game from someone in the final of a major on the tennis tour in the after having lost the first set in the second set, I think that is a greedy. And I think Carlos Ramos has to do a much better job of controlling himself in that situation. Much in the same way that Serena may be had to do a better job of controlling her emotions. And I think that's where the point yet sticky. Because we I I don't think we've ever seen this situation happen with a with a male player where they've take in this situation, right context matters in all of this thing, context matters in all the thing. Remember earlier this year has open we had a chair or come down and coach Nick curios trying get who's very temperamental for lack of a better term to say, hey, you need to be trying here, which is way over the line. So my issue is just because he could have doesn't mean he should have. Yes. By the letter of the law, you could do this one two three. But to me, her indiscretion, her aggression was not nearly enough in my opinion to allow him to take away a game. I remember this all started with coaching from the stands, and I'm just mentioned the the the head guy the WJ St. Simon he thinks coaching should be allowed. Yes. Coaching should be allowed and that would have separate discussion separately, but it would certainly stopped this situation and other point and the most important point is now me a soccer. Yes. I mean, what happened at that? At the ceremony. That's just such a shame for such a young lady who got her first grand slam title, and basically apologized for beating Serena because she knew everybody was rooting for her. And it was very nice in that moment of Serena to tell the crowd to stop bullying and kinda put her arm around Naomi. I don't know what she said to her. But it was just a shame for that young lady's brightest moment of her career, hopefully, there'd be many more. But it was the biggest brightest at this point was basically ruined by that and the bottom line this. They only Osaka was by far the better player. She was without question champion that is not debatable. I listen. Serena is the ultimate champion. I get all that. But I still think had that game not taken away. I think we're still looking at Naomi Osaka as the women's. US open champion, and I thought the way Serena handled that at the post-match ceremony was very classy and Naomi had this great reaction afterwards. You don't understand it? Serena Williams, I mean like I've always wanted to play. Serena Williams, very difficult. I mean, once I got the competitor on me, I wanted to beat her, but you know, being up there in dealing with that I thought she handled herself very very very well. And the end of the day, that's the most important thing. She was clearly the better players on Saturday nights. So by the way, what I didn't know I didn't know the check that came along with. It's a big three point eight million. She got for winning that it's a big one who smoke other. There's a lot of controversy of whether or not the the the champions money should be that far waited and ten tennis. And it should be more distributed down the line. But she don't care right now. She's captain those checks, and I thought the way she handled. It was really really well done are coming up the biggest free as of the NFL off season proved his worth plus a flash of brilliance in New York wasn't enough. We'll get to all of that. Mike. After this. All right, guys. Let's talk about this. Do you want your hairline to recede or do you want to do something about it?.

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