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If it was bad. It's gonna digits. Unlike it he did. He he hadn't read the book beforehand, and we had a very I thought very interesting conversation after the movie about it was like. To me. This is good parenting. It's like we had a very like an hour long conversation about movie versions of books, and and worse that you know, there's there's a lot of people who just have their take on. It is the book is better than the movie, and that's their tickets the north star. And that's it. And and like that's not a good take. And we you know he'd seen the shining. I think he's even read the book on the shiny. I was like the shining is, you know, maybe the canonical example where the book is excellent. And the movie is amazing. And they're totally different. And, you know, the author of the book had because it was different had bad feelings about the movie, and then he made his own version for television. And it was all. Yeah. Right. Do you ever see that? I actually it's funny. Never did. I've only heard about it like apocryphal. And I don't know what even made me watch it. Because like, for example, I've never seen the movie two thousand ten because it is it's like. What's that word when you're breaking a religious law? Oh, well, not verboten. Taboo are Nobre. I know what you're talking about. But it's not coming to me not come to me. But that's what I feel like that. You know, you can't just make unauthorized sequel to two thousand and one what the hell's wrong with you. So I won't I won't even watch. It look at it was Isaac Isaac Asimov was not alive. Right. When the no not as them off. It was thirsty Clark. Because you're thinking I'm sorry. Excuse me. Busy clark. I apologize. Yeah. But he was he alive at the time. They meet two thousand ten I can't remember. I don't know. He wrote the book, you know, he he certainly I read the book in and I'm almost positive. I did see the movie, but it's in the sort of in the hazy reaches of my movies watching passed..

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