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Howard Schultz would not even win a city council seat. And Seattle let alone on a national basis, and there are several things that actually actually struck me here were based here in Seattle were part of the coastal elites if you will. Or however, you want to call it. And I think Howard Schultz is a product of that this next presidential election is not going to be won by people who represent the coasts. Hey, welcome to geekwire everybody. It's Todd Bishop require editor. And I'm John Cook geekwire co-founder when you say that it makes it sound like I'm not one of the co founders. I call myself. We got to come up with something better. Kinda rand zar. You're the publisher in many ways the publisher. Anyway, John, John here's cycle times. It's just the two of us. Let's jump in. All right. So we are going to be talking about Howard Schultz this week. We'll be talking about the Super Bowl and pretty funny at actually almost like a self effacing add very uncharacteristically that Amazon is apparently clever. They can be clever, but usually they're at an ear. We'll talk about later and the Zillow prize zest moment has been bested. Gotta come up the rhyme there somehow at any rate, lots of stuff to talk about on this episode of the geekwire podcast before we jump in. Just a quick reminder. The geekwire bash coming up March seventh in Seattle. This is our giant geek festival. That's right. Paying pong dodge ball VR, robots zip line. It's going to be a lot of fun March seventh come out bring the whole family tickets on sale at geekwire dot com slash bash geekwire bash March seventh in Seattle all ages.

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