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He was trying to make him that is that the contract between between hydro Quebec. And and the Newfoundland parties was in a sense a reciprocal contract that they were both trying to meet the same ends. So these specific numbers in the contract shouldn't have to be here to what should be the general aims the rest of the supreme court, basically said if you have a contract that spells out terms specific measurable terms. He can't be a reciprocal contract. So I think that's where the to kind of break apart. It's kind of hard to imagine that something that says we will pay this amount for per kilowatt hour every year for this number of years full and buy a new contract for this number of years could be seen as a sort of a joint venture. This is what the courts decide this is what the contract looks like according to the courts as any. Anything politically involved here. I mean is there anything that the federal government should've could've would've done that would have mitigated this long ago? Yes. Debility to move electric city between provinces the way pipeline oil can move, you know, without having individual provinces, basically lock up their distribution systems. That would have been a big difference. And in this province. What tends to happen when when you look at that people say when that's where it falls down that our province like Newfoundland has only seven seats in the house of Commons, and I guess it adds to that sense. Newfoundland labrador always have they they didn't get much from joining confederation that they get the dirty end of the stick in national politics. And this is never temple that is alive. And well, I mean this labrador got enough lot through joining Canada's. Well, but I think in this case the politics are less directed against the federal government or they they are. Are two degree but more against Quebec. Frankly, Newfoundland politicians have spent a considerable amount of time drumming up dislike if not occasional hatred for Quebec on exactly these grounds. What happens now how much longer does this deal stand than twenty forty one? We hear about it a lot in the media here about it. Actually it right now, it's subject of provincial inquiry into a different hydro-electric project at muskrat falls. Where people are now saying why didn't we just wait till twenty forty one when we're going to be rolling in electric city. Anyway. So yes, there's a there is a feeling of it's a long contract, but we are counting down towards the end. Wrestle have a good weekend. Thanks. You too gerski is a columnist with telegram newspaper and the salt wire network. We reached him in sync Johns..

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