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John lewis it's the now but but i think that's the ego nuns are eagle in the mail i guess american us macho isn't marquette fifty beautiful women the words of monday ma mr fantasy land whoever's navy has riots i shoot got two hundred million fall like so everybody lives through this magazine shoot up stuff have sexual where many spend a bunch of money but it is fantasy laughable people fake it's fake it has no substance to it in and i know sounds is sound very cornea cliche but when you can wake up when you happy you doing something and you add value to other people's miles another sounds very cliche qassam who will use it on the internet but we could really assist people and that's all corey is doing this all done is doing you assisting people would the gift that you've been blessed with that that's how saga teach right now at a corner i think also horta by my whole thing i've talked about my dialogue of legacy is about the family tree changing about exposed like i didn't get my first personal development book tops twenty years old '19 '20 right in my kids are here at a personal development essentially seminar which is what this is right now right at eight nine ten eleven twelve years old whether they realize or not exposing the next generation to what really makes it happened see in the way like you know in derby he's talked about this before like no of her kids softball i want to be a youtuber while that's a job down but some people would recognize at but i know people making millions dollars doing that job you know in in my my brain is openminded enough to understand that have you ag wants to be youtuber let's go let's start let's start chopping up the videos he's got fired page already.

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