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At Colts. All right. Colts had put up another touchdown and another one for Zach Paschal. So it's an 11 yard TD from Carson wins a nice short up the middle passed from Carson wins to Zach Paschal. And so now the score is 28 to 16. The Seahawks are still on top as we are approaching the two minute warning and it looks like the Colts are going to go for it. They're going to go for two and they are not going to get it. And so that two point attempt no Bueno. So 28 to 16 remains as we approach the two minute warning right now. Seahawks on top of the Indianapolis Colts we mentioned in earlier worth saying again. The Arizona Cardinals 38 to 13 right now against the Tennessee Titans about 12 minutes to go in the fourth quarter in that one in Chandler Jones. Now has five sacks on the day J. It is a day for Arizona is day for Arizona. This is the biggest statement you could argue maybe Pittsburgh if they hold on here, which they have a chance to in Buffalo. But how convincing the wind is, you have to say the biggest statement would be the Arizona Cardinals, and you'd say the best performance has to be either Kyler Murray or Chandler Jones. This is a team that had A lot of question marks coming into today without inconsistent they were a year ago. People. Question of Cliff Kingsbury is the guy to run this franchise. I'm telling you Talk about silencing critics Week one. The Arizona Cardinals are doing that handsome and no doubt about that. Alright games are coming down to the wire, and unfortunately, we're not going to be able to stay here to deliver you The very final scores. Prime time is going to do that next field Yates. I can see him in the room across me. He's going to give you all of the final scores. We approaching the two minute warning across the board here and Buffalo, knocking on the door for Pittsburgh. They just called a time out there down by seven. Right now In the fourth quarter, J. It has been So much fun hanging out here week one of me going home with you? Yeah, we're going home. We're going home to watch the end of the Bangles game and hopefully watch my bears take care of business tonight against the ramp. It's been fun week. One will be back for weeks to same place. Same time. Prime time is next for Jordan Cornette. I'm shake Cornett. This has been game day. Thanks for hanging out with us. We'll see you all next time. From the NFL..

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