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The man unusually arrested in connection to the fatal shooting near the Texas a and M. commerce campus last month is a free man this morning released from jail after being cleared of all charges Carol these Bailey Friday has the latest someone in Greenville Texas opened fire at a costume party last month killing two people and injuring six more but authorities say they now have reason to believe that that person was not Brandon Gonzales he was arrested on October twenty eight after witnesses told police they saw him at the party with a gun he says he wasn't even in the building relax don't understand how to pinpoint me if I wasn't even in the building at the time now sitting in the car insults was arrested in says a deputy told him he'd be put to death but he had fate the truth would come out a normal going home to dinner with and it was my I knew him out of town in Dallas was released from jail Tuesday it now investigators are back at square one as the search for the shooter continues Bailey Friday newsradio ten eighty KRLD Dallas city council will be talking about tax relief and storm damage estimates that today's meeting they are all these Mitch car has the story homes and businesses hit by the October twenty of storm and tornadoes are in line for some tax relief once the council okay is the plan Dallas County commissioners did the same thing Tuesday which allows the appraisal district to reevaluate property values and of just tax bills for the final seventy two days of this year the final numbers for the storm damage still not known the state and county of issued disaster declarations but federal aid is pending a formal report from FEMA Mitch card news radio ten eighty KRLD meeting for the first time to it's a fourteen year old black youth was arrested by a white police officer racial tensions erupted at last night's McKinney city council meeting but some people who saw the police body cam video of the arrest now say they support the officer Donna kind of tension was unnecessary and a top it off the boy's mom okay was behavior as long as there's a potential financial gain from this incident yes there is racism and I support true activist are working for equality but I didn't see any wrongdoing by from the officer other McKinney people see it very differently one woman described our husband died in a house fire and how at least one city staffer responded in this city in this building one of my friends asked a city worker that worked to did you hear about the young man that lost his life in that house and their response was did you see his record did you say is a record we can't stand up here and act like everything is okay the McKinney city council has faced other racial divides recently just weeks ago councilman less shady and shown while declared what he calls a black state of emergency in Texas and urged African Americans not to visit the state it is eight oh eight at K. R. L. the authorities in Mexico made an arrest in that awful ambush of that family there that story's coming up in two minutes.

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