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Advice columnist signs off on our news show dear therapists from Iheartradio we find out I'm Lori Gottlieb from the Atlantic and I'm guy wins from Ted and each week we sit down with a list for consultation. Then we asked them to come back on and tell us what happened. You can email us with your own dilemma at Laurean guy at iheartmedia dot com listen to dear therapists on apple podcasts, the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts. Everyone. Technically, you're getting two days in history today because we're we're running two episodes from the history volt. You'll also hear to hose me and Tracy Wilson Hope you enjoy. Welcome to this day in history class from how stuff works dot Com and from the desk of stuff you missed in history class. It's the show where we explore the past one day at a time with a quick look at what happened today in history? Welcome to the podcast I'm Tracy Wilson it's August fifth the Women Airforce Service pilots or wasp was formed on the state in nineteen forty-three. Okay. So think about some of the things that a pilot means the do during a war some of it's obvious right pilots to fly combat missions, flying troops and supplies into and out of combat areas doing recon but there's also a lot of work that's not as obvious if you're not already a pilot or maybe in the military like. Flying the newly built airplanes from a factory to their departure point or testing these new planes to make sure that they are working correctly or win a plane has been repaired. Making sure that the repairs are done correctly towing targets for target practice that win is actually my favorite. You need a lot of pilots to do all of this work and during World War. Two there is a problem they needed more pilots, and so the whole idea was that they would recruit women to do this less obvious non-combat work to free the men up for combat flying the WAAS was formed when two other previously existing groups combined together one of the. Groups was the women's auxiliary ferrying squadron which had been organized by Nancy Harkness Love, and the other was the women's flying training attachment which had been arranged by Jackie Cochran when the two merged Cochran became the WASPS director to be eligible to join the wasp women needed between the ages of twenty one and thirty five, and the already needed to have a pilot's license. Flying was actually kind of a hobby for a lot.

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