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It just depends so and also the midtown. Subways are probably the most used. I think that's right. We're times square is so there. You really really nasty there and yeah so my first new york. Rats screamed the top of my lungs. Look back at the train lady. And she's like a rat she like mouths. I mean she's like did you see a rat is that yes. And she's like sis. Get used to it so i met my first new york city rat. That was so cute. That was fun that was fabulous and then yeah friday my besties were in town susie and her brother randy now susie and i go way way back. She was like my first best friend kind of outside of school. I am when i was a freshmen. In highschool started as a celia drew police explorer. I was a saline drip police explore. Because i really wanted to be a spy. I wanted to be in the cia. And i don't know where. I heard it or read it that. If you want to be in the cia you have to be a cop. I for a few years after years. I found out that that was not true. At all but nonetheless here's freshman crystalline high school. I want to be a spy. One day i want to be in the cia. So i signed up to be a police explorer with san leandro police department which is essentially like cadets. It's like yeah. It's pretty much police cadets but they just name it so much more corny for us. I don't know why we were. The san leandro police explorer it gives me like is russell from upright picks up i think he was like a an explorer. Something kind of gives me that vibe. But susie and her cousin maryland were the only girls in the whole police explorer squad. I think there were like ten twelve of us total and we were the three only girls and means susie off about really really got along and we just became best ds. I mean susie got a car like fifteen. Dodd got her car instead of a kenia so we were mobbing in her car. My only trusted me with suzy. I could only hang out with her. Could only over her house like my mom. Never let me sleep over. Anyone's house was really only allowed to sleep over like suzy's and my friend ali and my god sister is like my sister. you've heard talk about isabella. So suzie was my outside of school. Friend that i was able to hang out with because her parents are guatemalan. My parents he'd gone nose and our parents pretty much have exact in culture. So i'm really trusted me around her parents and her family. So yeah me. And my means suzy would mob me and suzie. What on our. I like double date together. The guys ended up standing up susie. What made a whole fake email account from our police department squad. l. dot explores. Go dot com and we put out fake emails to our parents so that we can go do things like we would go to like clubs we would go at..

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