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I'm sorry. It's not an easy word for me. It was just let them know all right. We'll pass along the note to sales that you can say two syllable word. It's a tough one for me. It's all the telephone number if you want to sing. Michael Dole EAC song seventy six four five six four eight three seven. Maybe we'll play a couple of them for Tim Legler but we will also ask him. Legler's some basketball questions. Thank you as always for making the time Tim if I tell you. Don't worry about injury possibilities or body types or anything. How would you answer the question? That Stugatz was asking yesterday about who you'd want for the next ten years Luca or Zion Williamson exempting health from the equation. It's not even it's not. That's not even close Luca Danni. That's not even three. That's not. They're not even the same category. I think people I think people would be shocked to hear you say that. I was making that same argument on television. Yesterday and people didn't agree with me. I don't think it's that close either not close if not close. Look I it looks you know. I'm not and this. Is You know unfortunately into world we live in and what we do for a living when you take a stance on something and you have a definitive opinion immediately. People wanted an attack. You as if you somehow are taking shots at the other guy. You know you're asking me specific question not close. I'm not trying to denigrate Zion Williamson and you know what can become as an NBA player. But there is no comparison between the two guys. Because Luca Danni which is what a guy that we championships looks like Zion. Williamson really isn't necessarily that and what I mean by that is look at dodgers because of his shooting ability because of his playmaking ability And also you know he's got get holy can finish as well but the combination of the scoring from the perimeter and being score from anywhere on the floor and he's already a top five passer in the NBA with his ability. To make is better so to me. It's not even close Luca. Danni will be a multiple time. Mvp In this leak. There's no question in my mind now. Will he went championships? That's a hard one because it depends on you know who ends up coming to Dallas. Who He plays with does he make a decision to somewhere in free agency down the road. So you know there's so many things that are gonNA play into whether or not he wins championships. But there's no question in my mind. The guy is going to be a multiple time. Mvp and I'M NOT GONNA. I'm not ready. Come close to taking leap is is. Is there a player under the age of twenty five that you would take over Luca for the next ten years and I would say Luca would be the Guy You know there's and there's some great talent just watching that game the other night When I was watching The PELICANS game with five and they're playing Dallas. And I'm looking at you. Porzingis and Luca and Lonzo Ball Zaylon and Brandon Ingram. I'm going my God. There's five guys. The oldest one was twenty four on the court and all five of those guys. I'm salivating. Like what their potential could be particularly presents us. Now as I've done a one eighty on him. I wonder what his upside is. I actually think now as a second best player. I think you can win a championship Chris presenting us as that guy and I did not think that at the start of the year he has added. Muscle added to his game. He's become a much more consistent scoring threat. He's a game changing defensive player. So now it depends you know. Can they get the roster good enough that'll determine If Luca Danni chicks and presumably they can win a championship in Dallas going forward but I would probably say I look at the top of that list This guys I know what I'm watching Luca. Danni you're talking about absolutely transcended generational talent that I think has a chance to become one of the all time greats. Tim I need. Beg Your forgiveness here. Okay but I asked permission to call you back in ten minutes and continue this conversation. Because I think you'll understand the urgency of this Michael Dolan because just called in and we've got a bunch of callers wanting to sing songs to Michael Dolan us. Oh can we just call you back in ten minutes and ask? I ask your profound forgiveness. I mean no disrespect by now. Of course I know I know better than that does work. You got it all right so we will We will call him back. This is very exciting as allison has tracked down the wonderful Michael Dolan back and he is in a hurry. He's got he's got a move now. We found out Michael. Recently that you worked Teaching Physics and and Basketball in Utah for a while. But that's not what you're doing anymore. Thank you for joining us by the way correct. You're welcome I am. I am officially retired again I spent the last five of this Teaching Physics and coaching basketball. Atta Park City high school just outside of Salt Lake City Utah. So I appreciate you calling in and what we just want from. You is to be the judge on some of this. It's a really cruddy version of American idol. We've got an assortment of Michael Doley AC songs. The first one comes in from Billy Joel here and I think you'll like this. It's so far. It's been our standard. We don't have a better standard for the perfect Michael Dole. Eac Song then what? This is the best one ever make. Billy Joel your seven nine Crush we.

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