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Deadline for new lady had white point at a paleo and a half wore whiteside jack sticks looks state corner back to let the blue line right point left circle of ours l couldn't touch the fast the jumped off his thick put sudan gave it away to lead the failing ars ben john your loose for just the man behind the that's all it took boarding of vested in style in the side of their free sit everett 70 was wide open as long as the outage the booth apart tripoli which they theaters going to be a golden opportunity cubs five minutes to the far side water and then of past secure so they are staring at the top of the griefstricken like eder's liam at position as bailey makes the take the tape could action and it jammed home by june really hours the one nothing lead shy shied abide minim argue anders lee was behind that who may be initial passo ebbers will pick up his first point it'll six teams ending a fivegame pointless drought longest drought this season ambitiously comes to an end and project fairly it's going to be a new career high in assists and a new career high in points that is his forty four assists in fifty seven point of the season locked up in the marty set a season ago so the outer strike on a powerplay leader one to nothing they were three for five on the power bland there would in may israel over there only game this season it was the export more than two powerplay goal of the contest as y'all argue makes it will say on the wrist shot from the left circle let's get the pullman josh failing twenty usually 455 at severest as 27th at the season.

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