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Feel like sometimes he he's just better at the four than he is at the three yeah i mean you could make that argument but it just funny that you would think got his their origin around eight so this is really easy to get more of them but they'll either east seems to help their sure is i mean isn't dan they're getting a wonder what the team like it's third of all to go around supplies you have a lot of gee i could score well listen we we appreciate you jumping on i'm going to change it i'm going from robbie to rob i think you're mccotter enough that we can now refer to yours rob hamas house a little weird but he 28 now you're approaching thirty i don't the ravi thing could hold down a little bit you know tyga jimmy jackson ability yeah i think is that you actually ex dividend epa epa all right you go with what you want you go with my i voted vote for your for your professional career i think rob almost sounds a little bit more mature but you think robbie will hold me back uh i think he could hold you back at the there's a possibility sell you may end up back in russia if leafguard now thanks again during a heck of a job always do jocularly and will level talks to set up we'll be back in a moment with texas tech coach chris beard in the first basketball addition of talk nerdy to me with seth walder impulsive even but first i want to tell you about another doubled truck podcast that's right up your alley this one features a great piece about marvin baghli the third the duke freshmen who is being called the best nba prospect since lebron james listen to the full story in the latest double truck podcast check it out and a reminder to subscribe to the campus conversation and doubletrack podcasts espn app apple podcast or wherever you listen if i guess talk nerdy to me.

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